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Book unique on-demand outdoor space for cities

Be happy, naturally. Now delivering nature on-demand. A backyard to call your own and socialize with friends.

Affordable, convenient, and personalized outdoor space for cities.

When you think of a campsite, you imagine a nostalgic experience spent amongst friends and family in the outdoors. We at Campsyte believe that this state of mind, often in leisure and travel, is also needed in our daily lives and accessible in our cities. Campsyte envisions a network of shared autonomous outdoor spaces for casual gatherings. It’s like your own dream backyard without all the hassles. Whether team offsite, happy hour, birthday, or that special occasion, make it an outing to be remembered. Discover your dream backyard. Book unique on-demand outdoor space for cities.

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A backyard to call your own

Save time and money

Backyards are expensive to own, design and maintain, and are a luxury to have in cities. So why not share a backyard when you need it, whether to recharge or host a social gathering.

Easy access to the outdoors

Easy online booking, open doors with the touch of your smartphone, grab a cup of coffee, login to lightning fast wifi, and enjoy the outdoors in the heart of the city.

Make it personal

A backyard to call your own and socialize with friends without all the hassles. Access unique outdoor spaces that set the scene for your next memorable outing.